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Michael Fitzgerald is a production designer who uses his visual heart and his theatrical background to make compelling stories come alive. Michael joined the I'll Meet you There team early helping shape and choose the right city and locations for the authentic world needed. Iram and Michael searched from the west to the east to the middle, ending on NYC filming the first days on one of the coldest NYC days. Michael and his team embraced the financial opportunities of the budget turning a church into a police station, an event space into a jail cell, a backroom of a mosque into an airport hallway. Fitzgerald is happy to be here representing I'll Meet You There.

Past projects for Fitzgerald include helping bring to screen Richard LaGravenese adaptation of the musical The Last 5 Years with Anna Kendrick and Jeremy Jordan.  The Last 5 Years is an intimate two character musical in which Michael used his skills to create sets that mirror and accentuate the ups and downs of love and creativity in NYC over a five year period of time. Also premiering this month on Disney Plus is Flora and Ulysses marking his second collaboration with fellow UCLA alumni director Lena Khan. During production of her first feature film Tiger Hunter, filmed in Los Angeles and Mumbai, Fitzgerald and Khan shared a vision of creating a heightened reality that would best serve the comedic narrative. 

Fitzgerald’s talents have also contributed to Deon Taylor’s somber true tale Supremacy with Danny Glover and Joe Anderson, and Life as King, the true story of a chess highschool advocate written and directed by Jake Goldberg, with Cuba Gooding Jr.  He also contributed his talents to Sarah Spillane’s Around the Block, which involved making Sydney, Australia a central character in both a street and theatrical version of Hamlet played by Hunter Page-Lochard.