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Nick Sarkisov


Co-founder and head of the American division of Blitz Films, Nikolay “Nick” Sarkisov had completed his studies to become a surgeon when he decided to change career paths and pursue his passion for entertainment.

Nick began working with an independent television producer, Evan Charnov (Chosen, Buffy the Vampire Slayer) to hone his knowledge. Nick made his feature directorial debut on Krasny, which went on to receive numerous accolades. Building a solid reputation, Nick was contacted by the STS Channel in Russia to direct an episode of their TV series – The Moon. After just one episode, he was asked to direct the entire series. To date, 30 episodes have been ordered.

Working with Academy Award-winning talent throughout Europe, Nick's American directorial debut Embattled was recently released with a script written by critically acclaimed writer David McKenna (American History X, Blow, S.W.A.T).